About Us

Welcome to InternetGenesis. Our business is geared towards providing serious internet entrepreneurs the opportunity to virtually instantly start to work on the venture of their choice.

InterenetGenesis has invented a unique business model. Rather than seeking to incubate startups that have been initiated by entrepreneurs, Internet Genesis is seeking entrepreneurs that are interested to lead or get involved with Internet ventures that have already been conceived, have a functioning Web site, and have already a preliminary business plan. If you are a talented, energetic entrepreneur and want to maximize your capabilities, take a look at our extensive portfolio of projects and contact us to apply to lead or become a part of the Web venture of your choice.

By using our resources and the industry's finest tools, entrepreneurs will be free to express their creativity and initiative to implement successful Web businesses without being burdened by the plethora of problems that plague typical startups. Our extensive collection of Web projects will give them the chance to find a project close to their own desires or areas of expertise. Internet Genesis will provide participating entrepreneurs with a host of services including funding and development resources. Check the Internet Genesis Network page to find out about our unique resources and methods that will greatly accelerate the development of Internet ventures into mature and successful businesses.

Let Internet Genesis use its unique resources to help you, the entrepreneur, turn your dreams into reality. Join us and take charge of this unique opportunity to become a success on the Web.


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